The Two Reel Cinema Blog

So the Two Reel Cinema Club is a podcast. Every episode we watch two movies, a brand new one and an old one that visits some of the same territory, and then we try to connect the dots.

There may also be some random chatter in between the dots. In fact sometimes we wander far from the dotted path. Though we usually find our way back somehow.

But we’re both writers by trade, and talking is all very good, but the podcast seems like a good kicking off point for more written words.

So we’re going to put some of our thoughts up here on the Two Reel Cinema Club blog. Some of them will be reiterations of ideas we explore while we record, others may be capitulations and rewrites of our opinions. And some will inevitably involve wandering far, far from the dotted lines. But apparently there’s some good stuff out there between the dots. So join us, joining the dots, missing the dots, losing the dots, making up new dots altogether.