The Holdovers vs Another Country: Holdover Country

Happy Holidays from the Two Reel Cinema Club, as we watch one of the funniest, dourest and most heartfelt Christmas films we’ve seen in years, Alexander Payne’s The Holdovers. We discover it perched under the mistletoe kissing a film forty years its senior, 1983’s English private school drama Another Country. These two films both examine privilege, wealth and class, while simultaneously exploring the depths of the human heart. But which one features a triple tragedy? Which revolves around a wonky drainpipe? And which one is so good it is more or less 100% cliche resistant?

Plus a preview of a new podcast about Elon Musk, a cameo from the LoFi HipHop girl, our most confessional game of ‘Who Am I?’ yet, a new Netflix misfire, a trip through a Japanese time travel comedy, a highly detailed local weather report, a quick lesson on treating a dislocated shoulder, and a French film that turns out to be a Spanish film when we actually pull the dvd off the shelf…

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