The Fall Guy vs The Fall: Taking The Fall

We’re watching stunt performers smash up cars, leap from helicopters and ride horses across the desert in this week’s movies as we compare the new Ryan-Gosling-Emily-Blunt 80s throwback The Fall Guy to 2006’s surreal and sumptuous The Fall. They’re both films about stuntmen, but aside from sharing most of a title they could hardly be more different. Or could they? Which film features the Homoerotic Avengers? Which film reminds us of a Suzanne Vega video? Which film stars a Canis Ex Machina? And which film is ‘perfectly fine’?

Plus a quick look at the new Ken Loach feature, an anime movie about furniture, a brief but delicious message from our sponsor, a meditation on the general quality of 1980s television, a review of a book by the world’s greatest stuntman, and, if you listen carefully, you might just be able to hear someone doing donuts in the parking lot outside the studio while we record. Probably Ryan Gosling.

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