Poor Things vs Dogtooth: Sexy Frankenstein

What happens when you put the brain of a baby in the body of an adult woman? You get Sexy Frankenstein, apparently. At least that’s the opinion of the new Yorgos Lanthimos picture Poor Things starring Emma Stone, which is out in the UK this week. We’re comparing it to Lanthimos’ 2009 feature, Dogtooth, which first brought him to international prominence. And it turns out there’s plenty of common ground between these two curious, violent, comic fables. But which film reminds us of Terry Gilliam? Which film shares a premise with The Croods? And which film serves as a lesson on what the French will give out awards for?

Plus a rewatch of All About Eve, a few tips on dissecting a worm, a caution from the Cliche Squad, the return of the Two Reel Cinema Book Club, a refresher in Greek mythology, and a tribute to TRCC dog Dino.

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