Past Lives vs Sliding Doors: Lives Sliding Past Doors

Join us on the road not taken this episode, as we watch new Korean-American feature Past Lives and compare it to a very 90s take on similar themes in Sliding Doors. Past Lives is like a tiny serving of understated New York drama, filled with comfortable silences and autobiographical details. But we have to ask: does enough actually happen? Meanwhile, London based Sliding Doors might have the opposite problem, packing the screen with events until it effectively crams two whole films into less than 100 minutes. Which film feels most authentic? Which film loves its home city the most? And which meet cute is the cutest?

Plus we sign up for a quick burst of Jury Duty, accept a sponsorship offer from a definitely legal cryptocurrency speculator, make an observation about anaesthetists on screen, watch Owen Wilson cycle around a French town, and ponder what kind of man would write a serious, literary book called ‘Boner’. 

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