Oppenheimer vs Dr Strangelove: It’s the End of the World As We Know It (and We Feel Mildly Disappointed)

A new Christopher Nolan film is always an event, and there are certainly parts of Oppenheimer that we loved… but which parts? Join us to find out which sections of the film contain all the high drama, and which sections resemble ten men arguing over whether somebody’s library card should be renewed. Which characters get short-changed and who gets all the funny lines? And how does Oppie compare to Kubrick’s hilarious 1964 take on the nuclear arms race, Dr Strangelove?

Plus we court the QAnon crowd with some conspiracy talk, revisit a Tom Hanks picture when We Get Mail, promote noise cancelling headphones for dogs, revise all 37 Shakespeare plays in one evening, and get a lesson on how to tie up a horse, Hollywood style.

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