Maestro vs West Side Story: West Side Maestro

Tonight, tonight, we’re joined by screenwriter Ines Braga to sing a song of two musical pictures, the new Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro, helmed by A Star is Born director Bradley Cooper, and Bernstein’s own 1961 masterpiece, West Side Story. They’re both very enjoyable, but which one has more to say about contemporary la la la la la l’America? Which one paints the most vivid picture of toxic masculinity? Which one can’t quite decide whose story it wants to be? And who forced Stephen Sondheim to change his lyrics before they’d accept a part?

Plus the return of Gary Oldman to Apple TV+, one of us is abducted by a low budget 1950s UFO thriller, we hear a message to Bee Kind from our sponsor, we make an observation about what happens to people who cough in movies, and we watch a Project Runway episode so exciting it makes up pull the cable out of our microphone.

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