Furiosa vs Mad Max Fury Road: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Road

Join us in the post apocalyptic wasteland for one of our longest episodes ever this week, as we watch the new ‘Mad Max Saga’ Furiosa, and compare it with its direct antecedent, 2015’s action masterpiece Mad Max Fury Road. These two high octane, gas guzzling thrillers are more or less anagrams of each other, but can Furiosa drive away with Fury Road’s crown? Which film makes us think of the post literate society, and which one leaves us quoting T S Eliot? Which film features a character who belongs in an M and Ms ad, and which film is aimed at fifty five year old teenagers? Why are these films a triumph for inclusion and progress, and how come it’s so easy to find a decent mechanic in the wasteland?

Plus we announce a new podcast for would-be neuroscientists, we reflect on whether the Bible is literature, we suggest how George Miller may have saved money on salaries and trailers, we call the Cliche Squad over some hairdressing controversies, we watch a surreal recent classic about San Francisco, and we sit through every other Mad Max film in a single week. And after all that, we could really do with a drink and a cool shower.

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