American Fiction vs A Raisin in the Sun: American Fiction in the Sun

We enjoy a clever and ironical look at black cinema this episode as we watch the hilarious and heartfelt Oscar-nominated feature American Fiction, and then compare it to the 1961 Chicago drama A Raisin in the Sun. Plus we see the return of the Two Reel Book Club, as we’ve also read the book and the play that gave birth to each film. But how do the two films differ in their explorations of racism? Which film could have made life even harder for its characters? Which film uses anti-cinematic photography to tell its story? And most importantly, which film has the best gags?

Plus a fragrant message from our new sponsors, a viewing of an unmissable new feature from Ana DuVernay, a tour of the Musée Rodin in Paris, a caution from the Cliche Squad about stock characters, a worldwide search for the Blue Zones, and a handful of synthetic thoughts. 

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