Am I Ok? vs Maurice: Is Maurice Ok?

Everyone’s coming out this week at the Two Reel Cinema Club, as we watch the new-ish Tig Notaro comedy Am I Ok? and compare it to 1987’s Merchant Ivory heritage picture Maurice. When stood next to each other these two films have a lot to say about the experience of coming out as LGBTQ a century apart. But what bit of 1980s UK legislation is Maurice really about? Which film features a job we would love to have? And exactly how many people live in LA? Is it five? It certainly looks like five.

Plus we stare at Dave Gilmour’s nipple, spend seven hours with a serial killer, question whether a Tom Hanks short story works as a play, buy a meal kit that’s a little light on ingredients, burst into tears as we make an IKEA wardrobe, and sigh enviously at Hugh Grant’s hair.

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